Storage & Stock Control

The Hugo Technology warehousing function has been developed to support a wide range of storage and stock control requirements. We currently control property from a range of device OEMs which includes:

  • Medical device ‘loan units’
  • Spare parts
  • Device accessories
  • Packaging
  • Ligation apparatus
  • Consumables
  • Test equipment
  • Control of stock with limited shelf-life

We recognise that our different customers require us to store and manage their products in different ways, and this has resulted in flexible asset-management systems within our organisation that can be manipulated to accommodate our differing customer’s needs. We have earned our reputation as meticulous controllers of customer stock, where stock counts and bespoke reports can be provided in line with customer requirements.

In some customer cases, the only service we provide is storage and stock control, which has reduced overall costs for our customers by removing the need for them to finance their own storage facilities.