Medical Device Repair

Medical Device Repair


Hugo Technology hold extensive experience in the repair of a wide range of medical devices. Working in strict accordance with OEM instructions, we repair medical devices both at customer sites around the UK, and also at our workshop facilities.

We pride ourselves in responding to customer call-outs in a rapid and professional manner. We measure and report our response times as part of our business KPIs and each OEM SLA requirements that could range from next-day response to 48 hours or longer.

Our dedicated Customer Service Support Team set up effective communication lines between OEMs, medical device location sites and Hugo Technology to ensure that a first class service is delivered at all times. By prior arrangement, we are also able to provide response outside of office hours, at weekends and during public holidays.

Working in partnership with medical device OEMs enables us to obtain direct training and to also acquire and utilise the correct spare parts for all medical device repair contracts that we are involved in.

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