Medical Device Pre-Commissioning


At Hugo Technology, we recognise that there is often work involved in receiving a new device off the OEM production line, to having it set up and ready for use. In some cases, this can include complex assembly of constituent parts. Furthermore, there is also a degree of risk that something unexpected may have happened to the device on it’s journey from manufacture that adversely affects it’s function.

This is why we have developed our device pre-commissioning service, which is a collection of activities where a new device is unpacked, assembled, function-checked and otherwise prepared for use.

Some of our customers have taken this service one step further, and also taken advantage of our logistics function, resulting in a fully-prepared device being taken directly to the point of use, which may be inside a clinic or hospital ward – we are fond of referring to this as our ‘white glove’ service.


Pre-commissioning Diagram



  • Delivery “White Glove Service”
    • Direct delivery to a dedicated point of contact inside a clinic or on a hospital ward
  • Project/Equipment Management On-Site
    • Final preparation of the equipment on-site to meet the customers’ requirements
    • Install/Remove equipment per department/ward area on-site
    • Continue to liaise with all of the Stakeholders
  • Sign – Off/Completion
    • Complete a final walk through and sign off with the customer/project managers
  • Warehouse & Logistics
    • Goods receipt
    • Inventory management
    • Storage
    • Picking list
    • Designated point of contact
  • Pre-commissioning
    • Device configuration
    • Function test of the device
    • Product build