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Hugo Technology welcomed a delegation from the Suzhou New District Government

Through our partnership with the University of Birmingham, Hugo Technology welcomed a delegation from the Suzhou New District Government:

Suzhou New District Government:
Huang Zhong Hua – Vice Party Committee Secretary, Mayor.
Gao Xiao Dong – Vice Chairman Zone Committee Commissioner.
Zhou Jian Hua – Director, Market Supervision Administration.
Zhou Qiong Fang – Vice Director, Local Financial Supervision Administration.
Melissa Yao – Investment Promotion Senior Manager.
Yidan Yao – Clerk, Business Bureau.

University of Birmingham (UK) and Southeast University (China):
Professor Richard L. Williams MRSC – Bench to Market Translation of Biomaterials, Healthcare Technologies Institute, University of Birmingham. Co-Deputy Director of Joint Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering.
Professor Yu Sun (PhD) – Co- Deputy Director of Joint Research Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

“It was a pleasure to introduce Hugo Technology to the Suzhou representatives.
Thank you to Professor Richard Williams and Professor Yu Sun for arranging this fantastic opportunity, we value highly the on-going collaboration and relationship with University of Birmingham”
-David Juggins, Chief Commercial Officer, Hugo Technology ltd