Warwick Oakey

Warwick Oakey

Finance and Commercial Director

My role is to ensure that we Manage our financial and commercial operations as efficiently as possible to give our customers a market leading,  high quality, cost effective service. I am one of the founders of Hugo Technology having previously worked in the NHS Biomedical field, and previously in communications technology companies.

I have dedicated the last 22 years to growing and developing Hugo and our people, to deliver a first class service to leading OEMs in the medical environment.

I enjoy trying to play golf in my spare time and have renovated several houses over the last 25 years.

The 3 most important things to being successful –

  • Never give in
  • Never give in
  • …………………..

Our business is important to me as there is always a human story at the end of what we do. Every piece of equipment that we work on ultimately helps improve somebody’s health, keeps them alive or improves their quality of life.

Having worked in the hospital environment I’ve witnessed this first hand and it always puts things into perspective when you visit a hospital on a personal or professional level.

We always try to keep this ideology at the forefront of our employees minds so that their job really matters.

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