Hugo Team

Andrew Parton
Operations Director

Andrew is a joint founder and joint owner of Hugo Technology, overseeing all operational aspects of the business.

‘The self-regulation of my whole career has been to do my best, because a loved one could and has depended upon the services that we provide for medical device OEMs’

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Warwick Oakey
Finance & Commercial Director

Warwick is a joint founder and owner of Hugo Technology, responsible for managing the financial and commercial operations of the business

‘…there is always a human story at the end of what we do. Every piece of equipment that we work on ultimately helps improve somebody’s health, keeps them alive or improves their quality of life’

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Judith Parton
Accounts Manager

Judith oversees the day to day financial aspects of our business

‘People’s lives depend upon the services Hugo Technology provide.  To have had a loved one reliant upon a medical device that we look after, brings into perspective the importance of Hugo Technology and all of its employees’

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Ian Quayle
Chief Operations Officer

Ian ensures the smooth delivery of all client services across Hugo Technology

‘I set my standards high to achieve the company goals and to seek out new strategies and processes that can reduce the stress in our employees and client’s lives’

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Sam Alexander-Weller
National Field Service Manager

Sam manages a team of twenty medical device Field Service Engineers

‘Our geographical spread means that we are able to cover the whole of the UK with the possibility to support OEMs worldwide especially in the EMEA, covering installs, service and repair of a vast range of medical devices including Mandatory Field Modification projects’

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Stephens Alexander
Business Manager

Stephens is responsible for the successful introduction of new business agreements and the consolidation of existing contracts

‘I am obsessed with problem solving for our clients, therefore I work according to OEM bespoke needs & specification in order to propose solutions and present medical device repair/maintenance quotes accordingly in a timely manner’

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Neil Howard
Systems & Compliance Manager

Neil looks after our ISO accreditation and internal processes.

‘What we do here at Hugo is so important, peoples live could literally depend on the services that we provide. That fact drives me to continually try and improve the way we work, every day’

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John Robins
Service Delivery Manager

John looks after all medical device on-site repair, maintenance and testing on Hugo Technology premises.

‘I am responsible for a 37 strong team of talented and dedicated staff who receive training directly from OEMs and work to their exacting standards’

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Dan Thomas
Service Support Manager

Dan oversees all of Hugo Technology’s logistics, warehouse operations & device/stock control, along with supporting medical device special projects

‘Working in the medical device industry, I really enjoy looking at the processes of how services and projects are built from conception to completion. Utilising my experience when providing input is key to creating a successful partnership between Hugo Technology and the medical device OEM’

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The Hugo Customer Service Team
Customer Support

The Hugo Customer Service Team ensures smooth communication and planning of requested work using dedicated communication lines between OEMs, their customers and our teams. They are responsible for allocating work for the field teams, carefully following OEM SLAs

‘Passionate about delivering excellent service to OEMs and their customers’

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