Medical Device Maintenance
Hugo Technology carries out planned maintenance on a variety of medical devices, both in the field or at one of our workshop facilities. We are experienced in the planning of servicing activities in accordance with preventive maintenance schedules, which can either be prescribed to us by our customers, or we create on our customer’s behalf.
Medical Device Repair
Hugo Technology hold extensive experience in the repair of a wide range of medical devices. Working in strict accordance with OEM instructions, we repair devices both at customer sites around the UK, and also at our workshop facilities.
Device Pre-Commissioning
At Hugo Technology, we recognise that there is often work involved in receiving a new device off the OEM production line, to having it set up and ready for use.
Project Management
The management of projects has become second-nature to Hugo Technology, where we have gained a wealth of experience in managing upgrades and field change orders that have contained literally thousands of devices.
Storage & Stock Control
We recognise that our different customers require us to store and manage their products in different ways, and this has resulted in flexible asset-management systems within our organisation that can be manipulated to accommodate our differing customer’s needs.
Transport Solutions
The Hugo Technology logistics team have gained experience working with the main hauliers in our industry, which include TNT, UPS, Fedex, Interlink, ByBox and RH Logistics. Using this network of hauliers, we are able to ship devices and product to and collect product from most locations around the world.
Workspace Hire
Our Hugo Headquarters located in the heart of England are ideally placed and equipped for customers to use as a base for training or other biomedical engineering work.