Hugo Service Design

Our vision for the Hugo Technology business is to partner with global OEMs to deliver a world-class service.

Our vision for the Hugo Technology business is to partner with global OEMs to deliver a world-class service. We have identified that to successfully partner with a variety of medical device OEMs, we need to offer each customer a bespoke service, with every detail tailored to meet individual needs. As a result, we have developed a robust ‘Service Design’ function, which is the method where we obtain, understand and evaluate the specific requirements of any new potential customer, so a bespoke service can be created in order to consistently meet their individual needs.

As part of service design, we consider the following information

Specific technical requirements of the devices in question are analysed in detail and implemented.

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Technical Requirements
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Performance Requirements

Any service performance requirements the customer may have resulting in a completely bespoke service.

Any governing legislation that may affect our processes is thoroughly researched ensuring complete compliance with standards and policies.

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Governing Legislation
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Ad-hoc Information

Ad-hoc information and requests gleaned during meetings with the customer as we believe communication to be key to success in any working relationship.

Any actions determined from a from a comprehensive and thorough risk-assessment of the new contract

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Risk Assessment
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Our Experience

Any good ideas or lessons learned from our successful handling of other customer contracts.

Service Design

Hugo has a broad customer base of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), and our contracts take our engineers into NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals, PCTs, GPs, Clinics, and Private Nursing Homes.

Hugo understands that customers may have different requirements, and have developed a ‘service design’ function which enables us to create a service that is specifically tailored to our customer’s needs. We also hold accreditation to ISO 13485 quality standards, where our in-house Quality Management System has withstood rigorous scrutiny from our notified body BSI, and has received several customer commendations.

The Next Steps

Once designed, our customer will sign-off their approval of the processes designed for them, so we can be sure we are meeting their requirements. By offering a bespoke service, and being flexible to the customer’s needs, we make working in partnership with Hugo very easy for our customers, which in turn ensures longevity of our working relationship.

Building Teams

Once a new service has been created, we recognise the importance of building a robust team to deliver the new requirements. To this end, all bespoke projects undertaken by Hugo have an in-house team created and appointed, where this resource will then take accountability for meeting the needs of the customer.