Hugo swift


Hugo Technology now offers a unique engineering solution designed for both Healthcare Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) / Distributors.

In conjunction with OEMs and a market defining logistics partner, we are able to collect medical devices directly from specific departments, complete the necessary servicing or repair/s* and return the device to the same department within 5 working days. Collections are booked securely online, via our portal, with full UK- based customer service telephone support.

We carry out all servicing for a fixed unit cost and offer a discount for two or more devices booked for the same collection. N.B. repair costs are calculated by adding the cost of parts and associated labour to the unit cost for servicing.

Hugo Technology engineers are well known to most NHS and Private Hospitals (particularly their EBME departments, wards and ITU) throughout the UK. We have been providing a flexible, high quality engineering resource to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices for many years.

Our engineers are trained and certified by the OEMs and we only use parts supplied by them. We vehemently follow their servicing schedule and you can be assured by our BSI accredited ISO standards.

Healthcare Providers

There are vast numbers of medical devices in hospitals, within the community and other healthcare settings. Every device provides an invaluable part of a patients' care and, vitally, every device needs regular servicing and maintenance.

Strict regulatory codes mean healthcare providers can't afford to take risks with medical devices but resource pressures make this increasingly difficult to manage. Now you can have your medical devices serviced or repaired and returned swiftly, with complete confidence.

Original Equipment
Manufacturers /Distributors

It was an OEM who came to us with the challenge of providing engineering support for their customers and their tens of thousands of medical devices in circulation within the UK. As a direct solution, in conjunction with them and our logistics partner, we designed Hugo Swift.

*repair times can vary depending on spare part availability - If required we will provide a completion time following initial inspection. N.B. repairs not authorised, following inspection etc., will incur a minimum inspection cost equal to the servicing cost of the same device.
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