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Our healthcare engineering solution designed for mainly smaller medical device manufacturers (though not always) who require complete international engineering support.

For a fixed monthly fee it covers everything you should need, including our engineer training time, to support your healthcare device in the UK, EMEA and beyond.

We understand every manufacturer and every device needs specialist and tailored support.

Let us know your requirements and we'll find your complete solution.

Prices Start at £3,000 per month
$4500 US (@1.50) / €3900 EUR (@1.3)

N.B. There is a minimum contract term of 24 months.

As an example, this is what's typically included:

  • Service / Repair time of 12 full hours
  • Storage up to 1.5 cubic metres
  • Reporting (standard)
  • Warehousing & Logistics (includes basic cleaning)
  • Nominated Technical Lead
  • Nominated Account Manager
  • Workbench/Test Area as required (not dedicated)
  • Engineer Training Time (single) up to 10 days
  • Insurance (additional if specialist requirements)

And what's not (but easily added):

  • Spare Parts (cost & supply of)
  • Carriage / Courier Costs
  • Packaging Materials
  • Field Based Maintenance

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