About Us


A decade of world-class service

Founded in 2001 by owners Andrew Parton and Warwick Oakey, Hugo Technology was established with two main aims. Firstly, to exceed the maintenance expectations of their customers and secondly, to pay their mortgages and look after their families!

Since then, as you'd expect from a world-class company, everything has grown. Our customer base has grown, Andrew and Warwick's families have grown (we haven't asked about the mortgages) and the Hugo Technology family has grown to more than 60 employees.

However, the biggest growth seen has been the demands we put on ourselves to continually improve our services, and their quality, to meet the ever changing needs of our expanding customer base.

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Why we do it

It's simple really. Andrew and Warwick trained and worked within the NHS for years, until a restructure meant a change of direction was urgently needed. As you'll know, the challenges and rewards of the healthcare industry are quite unique, and they didn't want to throw in the towel just yet.

Working mainly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), our dedication to the highest quality standards has helped us become the trusted and approved partner for some of the world's leading biomedical manufacturers.

All of us at Hugo understand the need to maintain, at an exceptional standard, the devices that save and improve the quality of all our lives. We do it because we care and because we know no one does it better.