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Medical & Laboratory Equipment
Maintenance, Calibration & Repair

Since 2001 Hugo Technology has been dedicated to excellence, delivering world-class service standards to the healthcare industry both in the UK and internationally.

As specialists in the maintenance, calibration and repairs of medical devices and laboratory equipment, we provide effective healthcare engineering solutions for our customers.

What sets us apart is the manner in which we deliver those solutions and the quality standards to which we vehemently adhere.

We understand the fluid nature of the healthcare market, the strict regulatory guidelines and the wider operational challenges faced by all medical device companies and healthcare providers.

We work on medical equipment as diverse in range from imaging and patient monitoring to BP monitors and innovative telemedicine devices. Services range from planned preventative maintenance (PPMs), product recalls, repairs and calibration, to firmware upgrades and installations.

Whether you're looking for a field-based solution (e.g. field change order / upgrade), a back-to-base solution (e.g. bench repair / calibration / service) or a combination of both, we will work with you to find the best possible solution.

All of us at Hugo Technology understand the absolute need to maintain, at an exceptional standard, the devices that save and improve the quality of all our lives. We do it because we care and because we know no one does it better.

Contact us to discover how we can help provide your bespoke healthcare engineering solution.

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